Friday, 10 January 2014

Baby pink

Regular readers know I love trashing, well, anything, but this is actually a bit of a rave. I picked up Revlon's matte lipstick in Pink Pout a little while ago and I utterly love it. It is a cute baby pink colour with a neutral-cool undertone. Not one of those ghastly neons or purples that some gals bizarrely insist on rocking. This is much more subtle than that. It's kind of a muted look, one that goes best with a strong eye. It's that Kardashian nude kind of look, one that can be dressed up or down. Its matte texture might feel drying but I find it fine with a good swipe of lip balm underneath. I had never worn a matte lippy before but this has converted me. It is much more pigmented than its shiny couisns so you get more of a colour hit that lasts longer, and as someone who looks ridiculous with shiny lips, this is now my favourite product ever. Apparently it also serves as a close dupe to Mac's Snob, if you like a little switcheroo.

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