Saturday, 11 January 2014

One of the best photos ever

This is kinda old, but the hilarity has far from lessened on this pic of Louise Flood - Posh Spice's boot-faced seestah - publicity whoring with Joanne Beckham, who grew up with once footballer, now professional tea towel David as a brother. For starters we get to see what Victoria would look like without all the cosmetic surgery, treatments, glam squad and probable DNA resurfacing. Poor Louise hasn't weathered her many love affairs, illegitimate children and subsequent break-ups well, has she? Her weave looks more like a wig and the hideous brassy colour does her no favours. In fact she sorta looks like pre-op Gordon Ramsey now I think about it. Speaking of wigs, Joanne, on the right, looks more like a Tranny David. It's always funny when you see what a man's sister looks like, isn't it? His features remodelled with the XX chromosome. Both the poor things look like they stole their clothes from Chigwell market, not to mention a bit too pleased to be looking down a camera lense. So if you've ever wondered what a fugly, gender-bending Posh & Becks would look like, here it is!

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