Friday, 3 January 2014

How to be properly warm in the freezing winter weather

It's more wet'n'windy than winter in the UK at the moment, but I'm sure that any day now we'll be pounded with six foot of snow. A McFlurry. Freezoids. Snowmageddon. This used to leave me blooming cold. This season, howevs, I decided to be really properly warm for the first time ever. It costs a few pennies and isn't exactly going to top Look magazine's street style feature. But who'd want that anyway? Dress like this and you might just enjoy the chill a lot more. Thank me later.
First up - and I'm assuming you've already put on your normal underwear (or lack of) - you need a good old thermal layer. Yes, mum was right - it makes a tremendous difference to one's body temperature. Throw on some thermal leggings - Matalan's are excellent FYI - and vest for good measure, even better if long sleeved. Thick woolen socks complete a very shexy base. 
Uniqlo's Heattech tops are an excellent choice to go over your thermals. They come with all this spiel about Japanese technology etc, but honestly I'd say they are warmer than the average top, and if you sweat it dries amazingly fast. 

In the way of trews, I'd say something with a good, tough fabric is the best bet, so jeans it is. I don't know about anyone else but I find skinnies mega cold - even in summer, srsly - so I'd skip them for now and go with some good old not-so-trendy bootcuts. Fleecy joggers are another one to think about. 

Now for a nice, thick jumper. These submariner sweater's are meant to be ultra warm, and though expensive (£50-100) it will probably last a lifetime. As I suffer from Itchy Neck Syndrome I'm holding off buying one though I'm sorely tempted. 
Wearing something over my jumper always makes me feel toasty and delightfully cosy, and since I bought a sherpa-lined over shirt like the one above it's been quite life-changing! It comes from Cotton Traders and it's so deliciously warming, it's like a big hug every time I put it on. I wear it in our chilly coal-hole of a house and also under my coat. This one item has made the biggest difference to Bossy Thing's winter - it has made it bearable. I can't praise it highly enough.
A good quality padded coat, like the one above by Creenstone, will really help to keep your core temperature up. I was lucky enough to be given a Puffa jacket this winter and it is amazing. Having only worn cheap coats before, I can't believe the difference. The sleeves are the best thing, they come right over my hands. Totally love it!
Gloves do more to keep you warm than you might think. I absolutely love my thick pair by Thinsulate, which are only about £5. When my hands don't get frozen, it makes a huge difference to the rest of my body.
Don't forget your feet! Most Ugg-type boots are simply too leaky, draughty and flimsy to be of any use when the temperature plummets. I know that when I wear mine for fashion purposes, my feet feel absolutely frozen after only a few minutes, as the cold comes right through the thin sole. Try some waterproof, fur-lined boots, like these from Cotton Traders. They have a thick rubber sole that doesn't let the cold of the ground get into your bones, and you can walk through shallow waters without getting a wet foot. The fur lining also makes them a better option than wellies which can feel freezing. 

A nice wooly hat and scarf should set you up nicely for a day in the snowy fields! Now run along and play, my pretties.

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