Thursday, 2 January 2014

Could I be more obsessed with Michele Riondino?*


Be still my beating heart! Of course, this is quite beside the point for some silly make-up blog - off on a tangent even, though an utterly delectable one, it must be said. Ever since Michele became Il Giovane Montalbano - that's Montalbano the Younger to you - I have been drooling over his lovely face on the daily. That hair (so curly!), those eyes (totes deep), those lovely lips (same cupid's bow as me - thanks mum) and a general aura of *Miranda voice* sex...I take it all and worship it with the pure reverance it merits. It doesn't hurt that he plays a gentelman copper always saving some distressed damsel. Lovely. Shame though that someone's about to birth his spawn, but we'll overlook that. This is Fantasyland after all. And he didn't even marry her first. Chill wit all dat. And look into those eyes a little longer...

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  1. I love your blog!! I also have a thing for that gorgeous Italian!


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