Friday, 28 June 2013

My precious

Please re-read the title in a more Gollum-style voice. I thought it would be nice to let you come into my world and see a few of my favourite things. Y'know, like things and things and things. Just nice things that made my days go with a bang. The sort of things I like to take out and stroke such is their place in my heart. Hope you enjoy!

This is a lovely mirror on my bedroom wall - lavender is my favourite ever colour for there because it's so soft and pretty and not too girly. The small tiled mirror was a present from my very beloved late grandmother after one of her trips to Morocco. I love it!
On the left is my gold Casio watch - it hardly compares to my dream Rolex Datejust, but as a poor street urchin wandering the cobbles in rags it just about suffices. I love its retro feel. In the middle is a really special bracelet given to me by Mummy. Her father was in the Army and they were stationed in Jordan for a while when she was about ten years old. This bracelet was a gift to her from some Bedouins - I believe it's a dowry bracelet that an Arab girl would be given on her wedding day. It's absolutely tiny which gives an insight into the age of the girl. It has inscriptions on it and is probably my most treasured possession. The little decorated container on the end was a present from an Uncle - I think it was from Greece and it contains solid perfume.
RiRi w00! I love the girl, even if I far from condone all her actions. The music speaks for itself and this is a great album.
What would I do without my iPod? As I said before, I have over 5000 songs on there and a crazy hoard of podcasts. Stuff Mom Never Told You FTW!
This pastel-drawing of a hare is forever watching over me with its knowing eye. There is a lot of mysticism around hares and a few years ago I really wanted a picture of one for my room - I found this lovely one on eBay by an amateur artiste and had it framed.
Ah, jewels! Antique jewellery is one of my obsessions - in fact bijoux are the only thing I am really snobby about. I don't mind wearing cheap clothes but I actively despise cheap modern jewellery and I'd rather not wear any at all, thanks. It's a passion that has lead me to spend many an hour scouting eBay's jewellery auctions and you can find some amazing pieces on there. The ring on the left is my everyday one - it was a birthday present from my parents a few years ago. It is Victorian, with an 18c gold band and five diamonds in a platinum setting. Lucky me having diamond as my birth stone! The one in the middle is an eBay find - it was only about £40 which seems crazy now. It is a tiny size H - I am also lucky enough to have very small fingers. It has three pale blue sapphires and four diamonds set in quite a brassy gold. It is very well worn, though I can still see an anchor hallmark (Birmingham), and has been made smaller at some point. The ring on the right is also from eBay - it was around £90. It's a little too big for all of my fingers which is annoying. It's an 18c gold harlequin ring with three sparkly diamonds. It's lovely to have a small jewellery collection and I love admiring them.
I <3 this stunning silk blouse - it's another eBay find. It's a brand called Uttam Boutique sold through a shop called Yumi - I made a post on here about them before because their clothes are sublime! This only cost about £10, can you believe that? Their eBay outlet, where they sell out of season things, is ah-mah-zing. This blouse is embroidered and beaded, and so feminine. It's actually so nice I haven't worn it yet because I don't feel worthy of it! 
When I was a child, we were so poor that I really didn't have much, certainly nothing fancy. I was very lucky to have a well-off aunt and uncle who would give us wonderful Christmas presents. I think I got this lovely gold teddy bear brooch when I was about seven. The metal and stones don't appear to be precious but it means so much more than that.
I am mildly obsessed with this fellow who I like to call Professor Happycat. He always gives me a nice smile and a wave. Apparently he is a Japanese beckoning cat and he's not waving, he's beckoning money to me and mouthing: "Dollah makuh me hollah!!!!1!" I love him even more now!
I have a bit of a boot fetish TBH and these are probs my absolute favourites. Will you believe me when I say they came from Lidl? Well, it's true! Woop-de-woop-de-woo. They are amazingly cute and I wear them all the time, even if the soles are stupidly thin and I have to try extra hard to avoid dog crap.

I hope liked this little tour of some of my favourite things in all the world. If you feel inspired enough to make a similarly-themed blog post, do leave me a link in the comments! I would love to see :))

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