Thursday, 16 May 2013

Acne diary update with Quinoderm 5 review bonus

Is anyone interested in the very drawn-out acne saga that has become the overtone of my life for the last ten years? This is a blog after all where self-absorption is all the rage... Anyway, since being forced to starve my acne-ravaged skin of the magical potion Panoxyl Aquagel 2.5 things have been, in turn, bumpy, sore, red, itchy, volcanic - many unpleasant adjectives in fact. Which is exactly what I knew would happen. It really does put me in a bad mood rage when the status of my menstrual cycle is being broadcast in a very obvious way over the flesh of my once cherubic cheeks. I think it's about a month now since the Panoxyl well ran dry and I've had about three really awful cystic nightmares which swell my face up to a ridiculous degree. They are agonisingly painful and sadly the only thing they achieve is forcing me not to go anywhere or do anything. Hallelujah for funemployment is all I can say. Honestly I don't think I could face the gen public with an enormous carbuncle on the rise. There is really no amount of concealer I can use to even begin to disguise a great big shining boil - apologies for the visuals - and the thought of people looking, noticing - heaven forbid Twitpiccing - makes me want to vom. Farking hell, I've found myself thinking most days. 

I have been using Quinoderm 5 off and on over this time but I am far from <3ing it. I hate the petrolly smell for one thing, and for the last few days it has really stung then burned when I've applied it. Slightly worrying. I only put it on on really bad days, as a last resort, grasping for it like a plague victim as I am captivated in outrage at the bathroom mirror. I must admit that it does stop things getting really out of hand so that's nice. But yeah, it stings + it stinks which really sucks. It's crazy that the instructions tell you to put in on 2-3 times a day - Jesus, Mary and Joseph you'd be in A&E with chemical burns after a few days of that. I'm thinking now that it might help if I remove a lot of the oil that seeps out unrelentingly and the Kleenex Shine Absorbing Sheets have caught my eye so I will try those and see if that helps. It's disappointing that my skin hasn't improved at all since before I started using the Panoxyl in '10 (not 1910, you rude pig) - I still get a couple of whiteheads every day and I find those really annoying because they are fairly neat and contained as whiteheads, then when I pop 'em (soz) I'm left with a swollen, red, weeping mess (oh God, way worse...). I have found that putting aloe vera gel on really helps with this and it makes for quite a smooth make-up slathering after. The cystic ones are a different matter though - usually they do come to a head after a few days and can be squeezed, even though it's so painful I almost puke every time. It releases the pain somewhat but makes the site of the beast turn purple and black which is hideous but how could anyone walk around with a whitehead like that on their face? So yeah, the acne situ has been up, down, back up - mainly up TBH... what a horrible affliction it is :(


  1. I used to suffer from cystic acne and it finally went away, for the last year I've had decent skin until they discontinued Panoxyl. Oh shit. I've being trying all sorts of alternatives, including this one. It really stings doesn't it? And HOW GREASY?! xo

    1. It is plain awful and it doesn't seem to be coming back any time soon even though GSK said it would :( there really isn't many other options out there and it gets quite expensive doesn't it? Thank you for both your lovely comments :))


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