Friday, 14 February 2014

An oldie but a goodie

 I only just learned that Max Factor was binned off in America a few years ago in favour of Proctor and Gamble's more popular CoverGirl brand. Who knew? Rude! Anyhow, it's still going pretty strong on these shores and after seeing Gwynnie Paltrow looking quite simply radiant in the centenary advert for MF's Creme Puff, I felt utterly commanded to try it out for myself. This is an absolute classic with a near mythical status. However, online reviews runneth over with people complaining about its strong and "sickening" fragrance. "It smells like my nan." But is that really such a bad thing? My own grandmother was a very groomed lady, a veritable dame, so if emulating her is wrong, I don't want to be right. In fact, I find the smell pleasant, fresh and far from overwhelming - it barely registered, unlike that of many popular face creams. I declined to apply the powder with the eponymous puff; rather I used my own regular (massive) face brush. This, I feel, is generally better, and lessens the cake factor of any powder. The shade I decided on was the ultimate cop out of all powders: translucent. Opening the compact for the first time, its hue seemed a worryingly brown but having been assured of its sheer quality, I took the plunge and gave myself a good dusting. It's actually a good colour on my stupidly pale maw - it certainly gives me a glow, whereas the Rimmel Clear Complexion translucent I usually use leaves me peaky, albeit matte. Actually that comparison brings me to my next point. Mega finely milled modern powders aren't in the least bit chalky, but the Creme Puff, true to its old-fashioned formula, is quite heavy and when you have just applied it, the ultra-matte effect isn't the most flattering. I find it looks better after a few minutes' wear and, while the shine-free finish doesn't last, the old oil spillage certainly didn't arrive quicker than with any other powder. It's simply a case of having to use an oil-blotting paper like most people take a 4pm tea break. To sum up, then: good coverage; nice glow; no oilier than with other powders; wholesome retro feelings. Winner!

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