Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Don't you just love blind items?*

*Not really.

They are annoying and I just want to know who it is they are talking about. Curious like a cat, I am.

A gentle perusal of my dad's Current Bun sent my curiosity gland into overdrive at the weekend. The front page (non) news story went like this:
One of Britain's best-known pop stars had a secret affair with a super-rich sports tycoon, The Sun can reveal. They only split after the multi-millionaire's long-term partner found out and "hit the roof". The lovers, who both have children, are understood to have asked family members to sign non-disclosure agreements to keep a lid on their relationship. 
Further deets inside reveal the tycoon has spoken of his happy family life in the past and is now grovelling to wifey. It describes the man as "one of the biggest names in his field" with a very luxurious lifestyle, and the "pop beauty" as a familiar face to millions with a turbulant love life. 

Ok, so who is it? 

When I read Britain's best known pop star who's also a parent I thought of Adele, but then again "pop beauty"? Hmm. 

My best stabs at the pop star were:
  • Nadine Coyle (who recently became a mother and is generally into black American Football players)
  • Any of the Old Spices (understandable why he's so keen to cover it up!)
  • One of The Saturdays (most of them have kids so that fits; Frankie already has form having been with Wayne Bridge for a while, she's extremely beautiful and has had a fairly turbulant love life in latter years; Una likes the rugger guys and while we could assume the article means a football tycoon, that's not neccessarily the case; Rochelle does lots of telly so is very "familiar" and also has a baby)
  • Dido (too boring to have an affair with anyone though)
  • Rebecca Ferguson (hardly one of our biggest pop stars)
  • Rachel Stevens (ditto)
  • Alesha Dixon (very beautiful, a recent mum and familiar on Strictly, BGT etc)

As for the man, I was gunning for:
  • Roman Ambramovich (the man's rich as hell, very famous and a real goer)
  • Simon Jordan
  •  Daniel Levy (I know I would...)
  • David Beckham (he loves putting it about and is about to buy an MLS franchise so could be described as a tycoon)
  • Tim Leiwike (just a random to add to the mix, as it seemed to so pointedly avoid giving the man's nationality)
  • Flavio Briatore
  • Bernie Ecclestone
Hmmm hold the front page, Batman. Could be on to something with those last two. Maybe Bernie's getting a little bit old for that sort of thing, even with the V pills. And Flavio's been a good boy lately... 

So just who could it be? 

Well, I thought it'd be nicer if they told you themselves.
Mystery solved (actually a bit boring on reflection).

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