Thursday, 16 January 2014

French slebs: Ayem

Regular readers may be aware that I already pwned Nabilla, the really rubbish Kim Kardashian of France. No but like hello? I thought it might be of interest to learn which other chavvy bishes are rocking their world on the other side of the Channel. So I thought it only right and proper that I do a little series chronicling the main playas currently populating Closer mag - other than the Prez of course! Har har.
First up, let's take a look at Ayem Nour (above right, no gusset), fittingly Nabilla's professional frenemy. She first came to light as the star of French Big Brother, the stupidly named Secret Story, where she made tons of headlines for various past misdeeds which by turn included having been on the game, her ex locking her in the house, being bi, being druggy, having a kid she doesn't bother with... Aufweidersen, sket in other words. As evidenced below, neither animal, vegetable or mineral is safe from Ayem's vag:

Anyways, after leaving the house, Ayem took her newfound notoriety to The Angels of Reality TV, a kind of Towie that sees a bunch of these no-brains sent to Hollywood for the lulz. Hilarious capers ensued, as can be seen here where Ayem and Nabilla kick a random girl in the fanny. After that she tried hard not to be a slut for five minutes with a stint as a serious TV presenter but that didn't last long because she decided to become a journalist. But a bit like me when I was five, that was soon binned off and she attempted comedy with the really lame sounding Hollywood Girl. 
Some time during all this Ayem was also to be found in a Chris Brown video alongside No But Like Hello. She later did a kiss'n'tell on him, saying it was all with Karreuche Tran's permission who was there in the room watching them bang. Lovely. Then Nabilla also did a kiss'n'tell on him. Sluts: they're such fun, aren't they? Nowadays Ayem is rocking a crew cut like Cassie and like all slebs lists Twitter as her full-time employer.
If any little Frenchies are copying pasting this for their English homework: the pleasure of looking quite literally into your country's sluts was all mine.

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