Thursday, 30 May 2013

Shine bright... but not like that

Sorry to sound like a douchebag but I was so happy when I saw this Instagram pic of two of my favourite people in the whole world, Rihanna and Cristiano Ronaldo, whose very name gets me excitied. When I read the comments on the Sun website, though, alongside all the predictable sniping were many people bitching about Cris's shiny face. Well, it wasn't a crime the last time I checked and it's hardly a big deal, is it? If you want to pick on something, his hair would be a good place to start IMO. Anyway, if you've ever been caught in a similar oily pictorial debacle, take solace: there are things, magical things, that mattify in a jiffy. If only Ronnie had put a little packet of Kleenex Shine Absorbing Sheets in his manbag, he would've been camera ready for RiRi. I only got some of these for the first time the other day and my God, they are amazing. All I do is pat one over my oily chops midday and ping! Dat shine gone. It soaks it all up and doesn't disturb my make-up. ¡Excelente! So much better than adding more powder and it's got to help reduce acne and make pores smaller because it removes so much nasty oil. They are brilliant and I plan to invest in shares. I also have the Palladio Rice Paper oil blotting tissues and as these are coated with powder on one side, they are great for when you are in a rush and didn't have time to powder. Just wait a while for foundation to dry before you use them. It's amazing how different your face looks when it's perfectly mattified and I didn't realise how much it would improve the look of my skin. Here's to never being a shiny mess again!

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