Thursday, 26 September 2013

Don't burn the Witch

Last week I was slating Simple's new BB cream for turning my maw into something of which a heavy consumer of Sunny D would be ashamed. It can go forth and multiply TBH, but I don't want all of my reviews to be negs so here comes a bit of a rave. 'Low it, fam.

Witch's BB cream is the one. God knows how the tiny company with the silly name has come up with something so astonishingly well-formulated, but the product speaks for itself. In case you are not from these shores and wondering, the name Witch comes from witch hazel, an ingredient included in all their offerings. They aim themselves at the spotty teen end of the market, though - limited shades aside (currently only one) - I see no reason for their BB cream not to suit a multitude of skin types.

The tube it is packaged in might not be the most attractive but don't let that put you off, superficial bishes. What lies within is a lightweight, gel-like crème, so easy to blend I call it ludicrous. In fact it's the easiest base I have ever applied: it takes seconds to pat on and you're done. Smooth and even. Please let's make all foundations illegal now? The coverage is amazingly high - much better than any foundation I've used and quite unprecedented for a BB cream. Add powder and just see if someone doesn't mistake you for an apple-cheeked Swedish au pair. Yes, it oxidises, but nothing like as much as yo' mama's Studio Fix.

It also breaks me out way less and, although it commits the big no-no of containing alcohol, it feels extremely gentle and non-irritating - and trust me girl, I would know. It gives a lovely glow of the non-nuclear variety - ref. Simply awful - and always garners lots of compliments. As a bonus, it's a cinch to take off at night and generally goves me good feelings all round. I believe one tube has lasted me almost a year - IKR?

All the other BB creams I've tried so far have felt uncomfortably greasy from the second I've applied them. Witch's BB cream, by contrast, is magically hydrating yet non-greasy and doesn't turn my face into something a Saudi would want to plunder for oil by 5pm. That's excellent by my estimations, so I hope you like it too. Besos <3

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