Thursday, 18 July 2013

10 YouTube funnies that always cheer me up

As a seasoned misery bear, I like to think I am quite well versed on things that - however superficially - rather cheer one up. YouTube videos especially have this effect on me. I can be feeling really rubbish, watch something hilar, and it's as though my sense of humour has been totally revitalised. Brill. Here's ten of the best:

1. Tomasz Schafernaker flips the bird
As well as being quite the hottie, the Schaf gives us a glimpse of some of the rage weathermen are really suppressing while they have to be all nicey-nicey as they present their climate observations. The look of utter horror as he realises he's been caught - replete with very bizarre consolatory chin scratch - must be one of the funniest things of all time.

2. Baby red panda struttin'
Red pandas are srsly so-cute-it' and this little chap strides out like a P-I-M-P in his enclosure.

3. News anchor capitulates live on air
And by that I mean dropping the f-bomb. AJ Clemente had a real 'mare on his first day working at the news station. That was because he went mad and swore.

4. Cristiano puts his skills to the test
Fickle be-hatch that I am, sometimes I think I fancy Cristiano Ronaldo, then I see him with toenail polish, or 90s frosted tips in his hair, or that glowing radioactive tan, and something curls up and dies within me. Whatevs. Here's your boy trying to get Audi Girl's attention. Quite entertaining it is.

5. Vintage Jarmaine
Remember what Ja-nay-nay used to be like? Sigh... Psych! loljk. But this is a particularly funny - and yes, old - tutorial from the best guru on all of YT. You may be fascinated to know that I "highly" do believe this is the first vid of hers that I ever watched and I've <3ed her ever since.

6. Willam's beatdown
Be aware that the language in this vid is very NSFW. Don't want your boss to catch an F-bomb. Willam is a lady-lad who goes HAM on YT beauty gurus, as well as other vloggers. Love it.

7. Sweet goggie eats bitter lemon
I love his reaction and the way he tries to beat his head in. Cutie patooty!

8. Cassetteboy vs The Apprentice
Cassetteboy's videos are definitely worth checking out - they are very creative and often hilarious mash-ups of TV shows and famous people. The Apprentice one is a classic.

9. Cat hugs its kitten
Too sweet, TBH <3


10. Miley Cyrus twerking
This video is weird yet addictive - I mean, it's irritatingly attention-whoring but some part of you enjoys it. It's all a long way from Achy Breaky Heart. 

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