Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Give good face

Like Xtina Ag, my brows took an absolute battering back in the late 90s when, aged 14 or so, I first discovered tweezing and everyone sported the thinnest brows imaginable. The Ag looks utterly ridiculous now yet seemed perfectly normal at the time. My former BFF - slated here - went from having natural, rather bushy brows one day, to a single row of hairs the next - so straight and thin they could have been drawn on with a fine line pen and a ruler. Others went for that ghastly tadpole shape - anything so long as actual hairs did not appear to be present, I suppose. I myself took heed and plucked my lovely full brows into the most hideous shape ever conceivable. They became a very strange shape on the inner part and disappeared altogether at the ends - each one totally different to the other. Yeah, I know: eyebrows aren't twins, they're sisters. Well, mine weren't even step cousins. What was going through my head as I carried out this murderous attack? Not much, I would guess, though presumably the destruction of anything that looked like a hair - and was therefore hairy in society's eyes - was pretty high on the agenda. Thank God, I don't think anyone ever commented on the devastation I had so obviously wreaked on my brows - I have noticed that sometimes when something is really, really bad on another person, people don't dare to make any remark about, such is the pity you have inspired.

Anyway, once I had realised what a terrible job I had done on my brows - for one thing I had one of those awful school photos taken when the full extent of the damage became very painfully apparent - I laid off the tweezies for the most part, though I still couldn't leave the end bits alone. That was until a couple of years ago when I finally accepted how hideous these evil metal pincers had been making me look, and resigned myself to forsake them for the rest of my days. 

"Grow back, my pretties!" I told my - frankly - clapped-out brows. "I'll never torture you again!"

But sadly, despite much coaxing, the poor things had been plucked half to death and resolutely lay dormant, unlike my patience. Fashions change and suddenly big brows were in - really in - and there I was feeling bereft. Then, a few weeks ago I was dicking/fannying around on the www when I googled "how to regrow overplucked eyebrows" and found this blog post. Like a lot of others it recommends using castor oil, claiming miraculous results on bare brow bones.

Reader, everything they say is right: castor oil is bloody brill! I sourced (ooh, get me) a small bottle of it on ebay for around £4 - you can get it for even less in Asda and chemists, but I went for some cold-pressed, organic good stuff. I have only been it for around a week and I am already so pleased with the results. New hairs are coming through and existing ones are looking much stronger and darker. One of my eyebrows has been falling out for the last year or so - God knows why - and I'm really hopeful that castor oil is going to save it. People bitched about the smell and it's true that it does stink a bit, but it doesn't bother me because luckily my eyebrows aren't under my nose LOL. All you have to do is dab a bit over your brows once or twice a day, although nightly might be preferable because it's not the most attrcative of daytime looks. Give it a couple of weeks and see what happens. I'm going for the full Delavigne.

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