Sunday, 28 April 2013

Film review: The Players

This film, made up of eight sketches without purpose or connection, had me slapping my forehead. It purports to show us how wi-i-i-i-ildy funny and HILARIOUS infidelity is but could easily be an examination of the lead actors' mid-life crises, extensively documented here. There is lots of fraternité and liberté for the male characters but not much egalité in the poorly-written misogynistic skits. The final vignette, with its totally bonkers concluding scene, must be one of the most ill-conceived ever committed to celluloid. I wonder why Guilleme Canet gets so many of his half-baked film larks indulged? At least his mates get to have fun. Not sexy, not funny, not clever. My only lasting impression is how much Dujardin is beginning to resemble Ricky Gervais. Avoid unless watching ironically.

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